Outdoor WiFi cameras will ensure that your home and possessions are protected and secure. A simple app lets you see outside your home 24 hours a day. You can also record the footage for later review. These are some things to consider before you make a purchase of an outdoor WiFi security camera.

Suitable for Outdoor Use

It may not seem obvious but ensure the model you purchase is suitable for outdoor use.  WiFi camera systems can be used outdoors in a different way than indoor ones. They should be weatherproof. Durable outdoor security cameras can withstand any weather condition. For added protection and security, many outdoor cameras have an exterior casing. You should ensure that the camera you're considering purchasing is waterproof, dustproof, and freezeproof.

Wired or wire-free

Most WiFi cameras can be wired to mains power, but some WiFi cameras only require batteries. Wired cameras that are connected to the mains don't require charging or new batteries. They can record up to 24 hours per days. While wire-operated, battery-operated cameras offer some flexibility in positioning and recording time, they don't need power and can only be used for short periods. Many wired models come with an extra battery that can be used in case of power failure. These factors should be considered before you decide which model to purchase.

Cloud Storage

There are two ways to store footage from your security cameras: internal or cloud. Before you purchase a camera, it is important to weigh the pros and disadvantages of each one.

A removable SD card stores the footage you take with your camera and records it. This option is more affordable as it costs only the initial purchase of an SD card. You can choose internal storage to allow your camera to "loop record" older footage without the need for you to change or wipe the SD card. The app allows you to access all footage that has been recorded. The only problem with losing or stealing an SD card is the possibility of the footage being lost. Modern security cameras with SD Card slots are well protected.

The cloud-stored footage can be accessed remotely from any device. Even if your camera is lost or stolen, you can still access the cloud. Cloud storage comes with a monthly fee, which can increase the cost. Prices vary depending on the provider you choose, how many storage you need, and whether storage can be used for free.


It is important to ensure that outdoor wireless security cameras are compatible with smart products you already own or intend to purchase. A hub is a feature that allows you control multiple devices from one location. If you want your camera to work, ensure it is compatible with the system. You must download the app for your WiFi camera to your smartphone or other smart device. These apps can be downloaded to most smartphones. It is worth double-checking to make sure that the app can be downloaded to your device.

Quality Recordings

Security cameras that are not high-quality will have a limited effectiveness. You should be able to see faces on high-quality recordings. Make sure you check the resolution of the camera before buying. It is better to have all your recordings in HD in order to ensure clear footage.


Consider the features your outdoor WiFi camera needs before you make a decision on a model. Below are some of the most popular and useful features you might want to consider.

Audio recording in one-way

An audio function on a camera will enable you to hear and see the world around. This is a one way audio recording that allows you to hear but not talk.

Audio in two-way

If you wish to communicate with the camera, you will need a two way audio feature. This allows you speak directly with the camera's nearby users.


Outdoor security cameras must have excellent night vision capabilities. Your camera should be able to display the same amount of detail day and night.

Motion detector

Motion detectors are an important function of outdoor Wi-Fi cameras. You can choose a camera that records only motion when it is detected. This will help you save time and money on storage. When motion triggers the motion detector, you can receive notifications right to your smartphone.

Here's a summary of what to consider when buying an outdoor WiFi camera

There are many options for outdoor WiFi cameras. Each has its own strengths and weaknesses. These are the top factors to consider when choosing a camera for your home:

  • Is it waterproof? Can it be used outdoors?
  • Which storage type would you prefer, internal or cloud?
  • Is it possible to combine it with other smart products or hubs?
  • Is the app compatible with your smartphone?
  • Does the resolution suffice to create high-quality recordings?
  • All features are included?

If the camera you are considering buying meets the above criteria, then it is most likely a winner.